2016, 94mins

From Camera D’Or–winning director Zacharias Kunuk (ATANARJUAT: THE FAST RUNNER, THE JOURNALS OF KNUD RASMUSSEN) comes this radical Inuit reworking of John Ford’s seminal 1956 Western–revenge thriller THE SEARCHERS.

Transposing the action from the American Wild West to the panoramic snowscapes of the Canadian Arctic Circle, SEARCHERS follows the headstrong Kuanana, who returns home to his igloo from a caribou hunt to discover that his wife and daughter have been kidnapped and the rest of his family brutally slaughtered by a rival Inuit faction. Gripped with murderous revenge, Kuanana sets off to track down these savage marauders, retrieve his wife and daughter, and exact bloody retribution.

Trekking across the vast Arctic wastelands,...

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2015, 89mins

The debut feature from emerging writer–director Andrew Cividino, SLEEPING GIANT is a tempestuous coming–of–age saga set against the serene backdrop of Lake Superior in northern Ontario – the third largest freshwater lake in the world.

As the restless Adam, on the cusp of adulthood, spends his summer vacation with his parents on the north shore of Lake Superior, he befriends a wild pair of cousins – Riley and Nate – who pass the long summer days with a reckless routine of debauchery and cliff–jumping. However, the revelation of a hurtful secret triggers Adam to set in motion a series of irreversible events that test the limits of their friendship and change the boys forever.

Expanded from Cividino’s original short film, shot the previous year,...

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2016, 101mins

NELLY is the bravura portrait of the late sex worker–turned–bestselling novelist Nelly Arcan by acclaimed writer–director Anne Émond (NUIT #1, OUR LOVED ONES).

Drawing heavily from Arcan’s real–life experiences surrounding the publication of her debut novel PUTAIN (WHORE), which enjoyed overwhelming critical and commercial success upon release and caused a media frenzy given the controversial subject matter, Émond fictionalises and explores with blistering honesty her muse’s ability to blur multiple identities and juggle various public and private personas as she searches for meaning in a chaotic and contradictory world.

NELLY traverses the complex territory of modern sexual politics with the rare insight of someone who has the lived experience of a seasoned...

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2013, 91mins

As post-production wraps on the much–anticipated BLADE RUNNER sequel, it’s an apt time to revisit one of the true curios of Denis Villeneuve’s career: ENEMY. Before breaking into the Hollywood mainstream with the one–two punch of SICARIO and ARRIVAL, Villeneuve embarked upon this hallucinatory passion project with Oscar–nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, who he’d recently collaborated on with his breakout hit PRISONERS, set in a sepia–toned iteration of Toronto.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Adam, a university lecturer nearing the end of his relationship with girlfriend Mary (Mélanie Laurent). One night, while watching an obscure film he’s stumbled across in a rental store, Adam spots a minor actor who looks just like him. Consumed by the desire to meet his döppelganger, Adam...

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2016, 96mins

From award–winning documentarian Nettie Wild (FIX: The Story of an Addicted City, A Place Called Chiapas) comes KONELINE: Our Land Beautiful - a visually hypnotic, politically restless cinematic portrait of the stunning landscapes of the Tahltan First Nation and one of the last great wildernesses in northern British Columbia.

Not a Western, but a Northern, Nettie Wild’s astonishing non-fiction film transports us to a magnificent land, not as backdrop but as a vivid elemental force that dominates the experience of both the indigenous peoples and the settlers who carve out their lives there.

Without comment Wild watches as a helicopter painstakingly lowers a 16,000 pound transmission tower into place, another notch in the grid...

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2016, 110mins

In this daring, muscular debut, writer/director Kevan Funk sets out to examine institutional and systemic violence, choosing as his setting the “aggressively Canadian” pastime of minor league ice hockey.

HELLO DESTROYER features a central breakout performance from Jared Abrahamson (TIFF Rising Star 2016) as Tyson Burr – a newcomer to the tightly–knit Prince George Warriors. Despite his mild manner off the ice, Tyson is conditioned by his coaches and contemporaries to become the team’s “enforcer” – charged with protecting the more skilled players via sheer brute force. But when an unexpectedly violent play results in tragedy, Tyson finds himself ostracized by teammates, the league, community and family alike.

To label HELLO DESTROYER as a sports...

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2016, 89mins

The latest feature from Ontario–born Bruce McDonald – whose 2008 foray into the horror genre, PONTYPOOL, remains one of the most inventive inversions of the zombie film to date – WEIRDOS is a stunning monochrome coming–of–age road movie that begins in small–town Nova Scotia, circa 1976.

On the weekend of America’s Bicentennial celebrations, 15–year–old Kit (Dylan Authors) and his girlfriend Alice (Julia Sarah Stone) embark upon a hitchhiking odyssey to far–flung Sydney to visit Kit’s wildly eccentric mother, Laura (Molly Parker), with his spirit animal Andy Warhol coming along for the ride. However, as the couple embarks upon their spontaneous adventure, Kit must confront aspects of himself and his own sexuality as adulthood rapidly looms over the two of...

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2016, 88mins

The latest award-winning feature–length animation from prolific independent filmmaker, writer and visual artist Ann Marie Fleming (THE FRENCH GUY, I WAS A CHILD OF HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS) WINDOW HORSES tells the tale of Rosie Ming, an Asian–Canadian aspiring poet who dreams of travelling to Paris, which she considers her spiritual home, but instead wins a competition to attend a literary festival in Iran.

Somewhat out of her depth amongst the Shiraz literati, the shy and bashful Rosie slowly uncovers revelations about her own Iranian heritage, and the father she thought had abandoned her during infancy.

Driven by outstanding vocal performances from Ellen Page, Don McKellar and Sandra Oh, the charms of WINDOW HORSES’ whimsical animated aesthetic...

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